E. Sintético sobre lienzo- 1,60 x 78 mt.



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Héctor Miguel Olivera is an Argentinian contemporary artist. He was born on April 10, 1961, in Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Ríos. He works with a mixed technique on cloth using acrylic, varnish, synthetic enamel oil paints among other elements and materials. Nowadays he is working on abstract painting and realistic paintings about faces. He uses brushes, woodblocks, palette knife, and even his own hands

Taking a deep look into the life, traveling around my own country, and meeting other different cultures with their particular artistic expression, I have discovered the wonder and the essential of the invisible. I have been enriched by all the experiences that came to me through the classrooms and halls of my beloved Art School "Cleo Art Club". I have found my artistic home into Abstract Expressionism. It is not only the language in which I communicate my soul but also the place, where I feel like a mixture of sensitivity and imagination. Through time, following the lines, the colors, the canvas and the movement of my own hands has lead me to create my three collections: "Atrapa Sueños" "Transmutación" "Alineación". I introduce them to you, and invite you to take a look. You could find as far as you see, something that I have not discovered yet.

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