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Helena Vandeleur is a 23 year old artist based in Kent, UK. Vandeleur is self taught and recently graduated from UCL with a Philosophy BA. Through her art work, she is particularly interested in exploring the relationship between non-verbal expression and the Philosophy of Language. More generally, her work is influenced by contemporary and ancient Philosophy, spirituality, classical music and her observations of mental health. She is fascinated with the sublime and the ineffable. She uses painting as a medium to explore what cannot be said. She is greatly inspired by the music of Rachmaninoff. She finds that Rachmaninoff’s work captures and processes much deeper emotion than spoken word, poetry or perhaps even painting, can express. She uses this material to help her paint, in order to enrich the sublimity and ineffability of how this music makes her feel. Vandeleur is delighted to extend her presence with the Hansford & Sons Emerging Artist Platform.

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