Helen Bell was born in London Ontario, Canada. Raised in a small town just outside the city.


Always having an eye for creativity and an artsy personality, art being her favourite subject in school growing up, which she chose to take all throughout secondary school. She was always drawing and painting in her spare time. Helen had an interest in expanding her mediums and joined an art class working with oils in 2019 which provided her with a great amount of positive feedback on the work she created. 

She has sold a number of commissions locally. 

 The idea of really immersing herself into art even more then she ever has, came full throttle when the coronavirus started a few months ago. As well as celebrating a milestone birthday in the midst of a pandemic, it was the best time to really focus a lot more on what she loves!


Helen's preferred medium is acrylic paint on canvas. Occasionally she will paint with oils and draw with charcoal pencil. 


As Helen continues to develop her art she is always open to trying new styles and techniques. She believes no one should have to stick to a certain image or style of art if you enjoy many variations!  

"One of the best feelings is picking up a brush and painting from daily inspirations."

~ art is life ~

You can find me on Instagram- @helenartsdesign

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