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I work with most forms of oil paint. The application is diverse whether it be painting knives, brushes, rags, spray cans, or fingers. I achieve my desired effect equally by what I apply to the canvas and by what I remove. My paintings are abstract depictions of the human condition: that is, the war between visceral desires or needs and the ability to reason. This battle is my perpetual struggle for balance in life and struggle with accepting human canceling technological advances versus organic harmony. Balance is depicted as a destination in all my pieces. The journey to it is beautiful and baneful as one chooses to experience life in one world, all the while peering longingly into another.


Each piece depicts a conscience under constant construction and reconstruction. My color suggests a sense of life in another place always pulsing about the structure. This inspires a sense of wonderment, hope, and primal wanting. Whereas, simple linear lines, imperfect geometrical figures, and metal represent the architecture (for better or worse) of our logical or technological minds, but also may depict a threshold or boundary that might be maintained by either dueling side. Heavy organic subjects represent indulgence and strength. Calculated markings, ghostly under-painting, and drips signify the strife and aging that the subject always carries. I want the viewer to look at my work and find solace in a destined place while holding steadfastly to the current one; salvation of sorts.

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