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I'm a Danish artist, living in Leigh on Sea by the Thames Estuary. My work is created on cradled plywood panels, that I make using 20x33mm wood batons (making them stand out nicely from the wall and easy to hang). I use a mixture of oil and cold wax (CWM), which I find works well to achieve the desired aesthetics and it gives it a matte, tactile finish. Other mediums I use are sand, soil, crayons, acrylics, coal, and oil pastels. The semi-dried paint is then scraped back in places to reveal the layers beneath and I gauge into the surfaces with various tools.


My work is abstract and I take my inspiration from aged surfaces that show the passage of time; I’m very much drawn to the decay of faded frescos, ancient walls, and graffiti. Working with oil and wax takes patience, as each layer takes at least a day to achieve a semi-dryness, ready for the next layer. All of my paintings are multi-layered, adding complexity, contrast, and texture. I work mostly intuitively and colours are very important to me - a painting often starts with an idea of putting certain colours together that feels right.


I’m also an avid collector of things that I find in nature, especially stones, pebbles, and sea-glass, which are the inspiration for some of my latest paintings.