Holly is a self-made professional, innovative, and hard-working artist with a wealth of experience in the creative sector. Her work focuses on abstract expressionism and working with the human form. Achieving success and notoriety in her subject areas, she formed Holly Art Studio where she teaches abstract art to learners of all ages and backgrounds. This exemplifies her knowledge and understanding of these subject matters. Her methods of creating artworks are versatile, ranging from including recycled and repurposed wood for canvasses to using gold foil and baby wipes to enhance her paintings. Achieving success with her workshops, Holly has gained momentum in being able to showcase her work across multiple platforms ranging from exhibitions to galleries.

Artist Statement

As an avid art lover as well as an artist I have an appreciation of historical artists and contemporary ones. I am heavily influenced by the works of Gustav Klimt, Edgar Degas, Andy Warhol, Wassily Kandinsky, Jackson Pollock, Peter Max, and George Rodriguez. In my spare time I like being around other people, teaching workshops, and travelling. Having high energy levels, I keep fit by swimming regularly. Once I commit to a project I will see it through, occasionally working over 12 hours a day until the project is completed and the clients are happy and satisfied that I have met the desired criteria and brief.

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