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Henna Pajulammi has an extensive academic career as a dispute resolution lawyer. After graduating from law school, she started working with her Ph.D. thesis and defended it successfully in 2014. Now looking back it is not a surprise that she chose most topics for her research on legal theory - the field of law that is the closest thing to art. Along with studies she worked as a teacher in law school and conducted some serious research. She traveled around the world studying and participating in seminars, sang in a choir, and played piano. She also served as a trainee judge in a district court at a young age. But that was not all that she was. Under the surface, there was developing something that can be seen in her artwork today.

“Painting is my passion. It is like music. It takes me to places and feeds my soul. In art, I can be out of the line. I get to be a rebel. I get to hang out in wool socks and have paint in my hair. That is radical. That is diamonds”, Henna says.

The inspiration to her artwork rises from contrasts that she faces in everyday life. Due to her background in academia, she finds it fascinating how art and science collide but still always find a way to discuss. Working in the legal profession gives Henna a unique kaleidoscope as an artist. She gets to bring the different shades of humanity into her artwork from an unexpected ankle. Despite the contradictions between the legal and artistic worlds, these two professions have huge assets to give to each other. Henna feels lucky that she gets to work in both fields.

“I feel enormous satisfaction by virtue of being, not only a critical thinker but also a creative thinker. The art helps me to search out of the box as a lawyer and the law gives me inspiration and boosts as an artist. And I must admit that I feel good about wearing not only proverbial hat of a lawyer but also the hat of an artist”, Henna continues.

“The question that often puts me unease is how could a brain that masterfully analyses cases and legislation could also have a talent for creativity? Well, "creativity takes courage" as Henri Matisse (a lawyer himself) said. I agree. I am very touched for all the superb reviews I have got after releasing my first collection. I have sold more paintings than I could have ever imagined. This all gives me the needed courage to keep on painting.”, she says.

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