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Hsun, born and live in Taiwan.  Have a high interest in painting since childhood. Talent, I think I have.
Once engaged in IT work for a while.  Be a programmer,  system analysis, and the project manager.
Fully entering the field of painting is a turning point in life.  I decided to have a second child, so I turned off all the work at hand and focused on raising children and painting.

I have studied painting with several Taiwanese artists.  Colour pencils, ink, watercolour, and oil painting are all involved. As for digital works, it's not hard for me.
My favourite is oil painting.

The uniqueness that inspired me to paint and create is to sketch from the human body.  I think the lines and movements of the human body are beautiful. I don't draw drafts.  I like to paint the way I feel,  so sometimes what I paint and what I expect to paint is completely different.  Painting makes me enjoy freedom.
At present, oil painting is the main creative tool. Art is subjective, I hope you will like my work.

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