Creator of a very personal iconography, Hugo does not need adjectives, without dramatizing he simply says: This is what I do and shows an avant-garde work that has no hidden codes but it does have speech, “Life such as art is not a science”… He relates on his manifesto.


    Born Artist with a firm stroke and refine technique, his plastic and visual speech is as solid as his career of creator. With more than 18 years of trajectory in different disciplines of the visual arts (painting, sculpture, drawing and design) Aguilar has known how to capitalize on evolution his involuntary but blameless pace through each of the different experimented currents; From realism to a more pronounced abstraction, from the classic and the baroque to the present modernism, even touching sensitive fibers of the well known but wrongly named (to his judgment) conceptualism and his fleeting tendencies.


    His work has been transcending at a firm and accelerated pace, exceeding even his own expectations. Reaching places like Australia where his work is permanently exhibited at one of the largest and most important Galleries in the Oceanic Continent. Costa Rica, Cartago 2016, where he was recognized as the first foreign artist to exhibit in the “Cartaginesa Cultural Center”. France, May 2017 at the Honorary Consulate of Mexico in Dijon he was awarded by the association “Viva Mexico” and the “Association Au Coin du Feu”... with the “Escargot D´ Argent” as recognition for the originality of his work. United States and Canada as his primary source of export. South America and of course Mexico where in 2017 he received an Honorific Mention with his work “Primitive Guardian II” at the 8th Biennial of Visual Arts of Southern California, same that took place in the prestigious Art Gallery “Carlos Olachea Boucsiéguez”. Most recently Hugo was invited to become a member of the first Official Mexican Delegation to exhibit in the International Art Capital 2019, Art Fair that takes place every year at the imposing “Grand Palais des Beaux-Arts” in Paris, France.

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