I am a visual artist and an abstract painter. When I am painting abstract, I step into the unknown and into the chaos, where the time and the artist vanish, creation itself takes the dance and a work of art is born.
My name is Hulda Leifsdóttir, I was born in a fishing village in the north-west corner of Iceland. Now I live in Finland since 1993 in a seaside town.

I have been working as an artist since 1986 and had exhibitions in Iceland, Finland and Aland Islands. I have my education from Art School in Pori, Finland and I have also learned icon-painting, felting and other art forms with artists from many countries and I  will continue doing it because an artist never stops learning. I learned abstract painting under Nancy Hillis M.D. (US) and I am a full-time artist today in my own studio, working mainly on abstract paintings.



Upcoming exhibition is in Helsinki 1st of August, in Gallery Fogga 1.8.-20.8. It is a group exhibition.

Hulda Leifsdóttir is on Facebook, you find her with name Hulda Visual Artist and Instagram @huldalei60

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