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As I sit here and try to write this statement (june 1, 2020), the world is in greater turmoil than usual in my neck of the woods, to an extent that doing an apolitical act like making purely abstract art with no contextual connection to any other human situation, is turning a blind eye towards a problem which demands that each of us in some way grapple with it. To remain ignorant and disengaged, at this point is no longer the path of least resistance. And I am finding ways to engage with situations in the world at large to a far greater degree than I normally do.


However, I persist in making art at the same time. There is a force in me which compels me, and it has always been there, and I have never questioned it. I would just as well question why I exist at all. I simply act to facilitate it, and keep its voracious desires well attended to. Things have a way of going terribly wrong in my life if I try to ignore it, thats all I know for sure. So you could say I’m motivated by fear of what would happen if I stopped.This body of work and the array of techniques it’s creation employs are something which has grown within me organically, as the result of 2 decades of cross pollinating various creative practices and aesthetic experiments. It’s been an organic and unthinking journey, feeling its way like roots probing into the soil. And like a flower bred by humans for its appearance, we may find it beautiful once it blossoms, but it’s concerned with human affairs only to the extent that its seed receives sufficient nutrients, water, and sunlight, and has sufficient time to grow and pass on its genetic material before it dies with the change of season, or is trampled or cut.

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