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Growing up with a dad who was a draughtsman but left art to look for “a real job” and amongst very creative peers in Lagos Nigeria, artistic inspiration began at a very early age for Ikeorah Chisom Godspower. He derived so much joy drawing stick figures and comic characters with “Supa Strikas” as his most favorite comic series – a comic series about the world's greatest football team based on the pan- African football-themed comic of the same name.

Due to absorption and addiction to his pen and his sketchpads, his concerned mum tried very hard to stop him from creating art; because according to her, “she wanted her son to use his intelligence to build a prestigious future for himself and not end up as what she described as – a mere artist”. He stopped drawing due to pressures from his mom and school teachers.

After graduating from high school in 2014, with the constant mentorship by his Dad, Chisom re-ignited his passion for arts but with a different perspective and consciousness about art. He explored drawing and painting with a precocious determination and curiosity with a zeal to improve and perfect his craft. With deep gratitude to his dad to his development and growth as an artist, he added the phrase “FADA” to his name, to create his signature Chi-FADA.

His art is inspired by two basic elements: Love – the daily art of humans co-habiting and relating with each other and Life itself. His thought process is broadly influenced by these two factors which he in turn channels the energy and inspirations to a unique creative process of visual art storytelling. He believes that Art is a language and like all languages as a system & method of human communication, it has to be started. As an artist, he believes the universe relies on him to speak with the voice of art, to challenge assumptions, support positive causes, explore deep personal questions, and start mind-shifting conversations. He works with a range of media including charcoals, paints, collage, ballpoint pens, and colored pencils depending on the concept his inspiration leads him with. His paintings, in particular, are his desperate efforts to using the freedom of a brush to escape from sad happenings in his environment, using art as a solace. With his full paintings, he is telling his own stories and pouring out himself on canvas. His Memoir series created during the COVID – 19 pandemic is a vivid example of how the artist resorts to art as a safe place.

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