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Ivan Engelhart, an abstract painter born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on May 26, 1944. 


Ivan has been painting since 1960. He studied at the Instituto de Belas Artes and used to sell his 
paintings at the “Hippie Fair” Ipanema, Rio. 


His art features geometric abstract, expressionism, and collage, he works with somewhat rough textures, layers and color fields using different types of media, all in harmony with his inner feelings, so they change from time to time. He is totally dedicated to his art and believes that it should be appealing to the eye and should give the observer a sense of participation and discovery.  Ivan respects all forms of art and does not believe an artist should be limited to a style or trend.  His work was featured at the Art Exhibit “Friday of Tertulia”: A Passage Through Brazil hosted by Unilatina and he is listed at the Cultural and Educational Affairs of the Consulate General of  Brazil in Miami. 

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