Ilona Wilson only just began her foray into the art world in 2019. She loves creating mixed media, abstract work, favouring watercolour and gouache as a base before adding texture.

Previously a clinical audiologist and clinic manager, Ilona moved from Sydney, Australia to Amsterdam, The Netherlands; which has opened the door to some amazing creative opportunities. She has always had a creative soul having spent years dancing, so the shift into writing and mixed media art has been a natural progression that has emerged because she suddenly had more time.

Her shift in mindset and perspective has been a beautiful journey, which required a large dose of bravery to step into the unknown. As a mother of 3 children, she is always eagerly trying to squeeze in time to create and has found it to be a wonderful space to de-compress each day - and it is not uncommon to find her in her studio with all 3 of the children creating alongside her.

From large scale art pieces to beautifully crafted thank you cards, Ilona has a distinctive personal style which is definitely present in each individual piece.

“The aim of what I make is purely to bring joy whether it’s for yourself or to be given to someone else; either way I love the idea that a little piece of my heart goes out with you”.

She sells all of her artworks unframed to save the buyer on shipping costs and so they can frame them to suit their home or workplace best.


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