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Ingrid McMillan is a German-Canadian oil painter. Her imaginative narratives are consistently about humanity and idealism. Ingrid paints intuitive interpretations about vulnerability and resilience, “My work is always driven by my compassion for being human.” Ingrid holds BFA (honours in painting) and MEd in art education degrees, both obtained at the University of Manitoba, Canada. She worked as art educator, school counsellor and art consultant in a progressive public school division. In 2018 she began painting full-time. Ingrid has two children and lives in Winnipeg, Canada with her husband Mark. Her work is held in collections across Canada, America and Europe.

Artist Statement 2021

In my oil paintings I construct imaginative narratives using figures or nature to expose our interiority and identity. With fluid organic lines and shapes my compositions become meditations on themes of consciousness and idealism. I intuitively play at making the intangible tangible and often animate trees as symbols for people, to express human vulnerability and resilience. I think about our desires, fears, and our longing for connection, belonging and being loved. Each body of work consists of multiple oil paintings grouped around specific themes. My work is influenced by Jungian psychology, spirituality and the psychological nuances in the work of great painters.

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