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“Through my art practice, I aim to fight the stigma against mental health while raising its awareness in Indonesia and the world”


Imes Paskalia is a visual artist based in Indonesia. After graduating with a Fine Arts degree at Lasalle, Singapore, she went back to her hometown and her art practice are portraying about mental issues, coping mechanism, depicting on emotional within human being, or even objectification on women’s body.

Being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and Post-Traumatic Syndrome Disorder (PTSD) has inspired her art and it has been her survival strategy to go through her darkest hour or even her lowest point of life. Considered this method as one of her coping mechanisms, she believes that all of her works as visible visual memories, whether it’s good or bad, form her psychosis and thoughts.

She once had participated with a group exhibition with the theme of ‘Manakartala’ from Prasetya Mulya University and also ‘Sangka Rekah’ curated by GudSkul, Jakarta. Some of her artworks have been selected by an art community of mental health in the UK called “Perspective Art Project.” Recently, 3 of her abstract paintings are being exhibited with the collaborations between Clyde & Co. x Perspective Project with the theme of mental health.

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