The artist has been working on a wide range of themes for more than 20 years, and she integrates various materials with preference.

Paint residues, morbid and rusty finds, findings from the beach, fabrics, recycling materials, and others are used as a medium to enhance the depth effect and/or get into abstraction.

From the heart, Sabine is always looking for a combination of painting and collage in order to implement her very own interpretation of the theme SKYLINES. In doing so, her works polarize between panoramic views of cities and the direct translation, namely " SKY – LINES”. 

The incorporated materials are integrated so skilfully that they are often only realized on closer inspection.

This theme evolved from the originally edited cycle USED - art made of fragments.

The artist spends a lot of time near and on the water, where she also draws inspiration for her work in the form of her own photographs.

In her creative processes, Sabine tries to achieve the ideal balance between reality and abstraction. Just so far that the viewer still has enough room for his own interpretation. The focus is always on the harmony of each individual work.

Without wanting to explicitly put it in the foreground, the artist's work also wants to draw attention to the existing environmental impacts, especially in the form of marine pollution.

Born in Northwest Africa where she spends her childhood and discovers her love of travel.

Growing up in Germany/ various stays abroad/one-year stay on a sailing yacht in the Caribbean and Mediterranean

Working as a professional artist after several years of studies at a private art school in Hamburg.

She runs her own painting school since 2001.

Exhibitions and commissioned works nationally and internationally.

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