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I started an art project called ipaint.feelings in the summer of 2019. I decided to share my artwork online in an effort to connect with like-minded art enthusiasts.
Music inspires my art, I make playlists based around art projects to help create a mood. I believe that music connects us, and the vibrations of sound give off an energy that I need in order to create.
While music plays a key role in the creative process, I’m also inspired by science, nature, and astronomy particularly nebulae formations, and photos of celestial phenomena. I mostly work with acrylic on canvas, but also have some alcohol ink pieces.
The alcohol ink pieces are currently more expensive due to the unavailability of isopropyl alcohol because of the current pandemic. I hope that in the near future it will be available again so that I can continue to practice this medium.
When I paint, I aim to create artwork that can be displayed in any which way, this makes the piece more versatile to interior design and wall space.
In such a short time in this artistic journey, I have seen some success.
Local sales have been good and motivate me to continue creating and sharing.


In December 2019 I was approached by my first art gallery about showing my art in an exhibit in January 2020.
My artwork was shipped to New York and shown at Van Der Plas Gallery NYC.
The trip to New York was a first for me, and it was so inspiring. I met some very talented artists, made new friends, and visited so many beautiful museums and galleries.

I hope that when the pandemic is over my art will continue to offer opportunities to travel.

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