My name is Irem Terlouw-Modiri (1986). I am an artist from the Netherlands. I studied free art at the Artez (Arnhem). I always had an interest in illustrations, so I took an illustration course. Later on, I studied Fine Art and Design in Education. I work as a primary school art teacher and besides that, I am making my artwork.

In 2019 I joined an art collective (Het Kunstgilde) in Leersum. I had an exhibition in early 2020.


During my study, I had a chance to learn all kinds of art. That gave me some insight on how to explore new art, new mediums. I often make my own portraits to tell my personal experiences and stories. I do this with watercolor paintings. In addition to watercolor paint, I was searching for a looser painting technique.

In doing so, I discovered alcohol ink. I use alcohol ink to paint nature elements because I think technology lends itself more to this. I paint elements from nature, such as green fields, water, the universe. The alcohol ink gives my paintings a better / more organic and smooth effect.

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