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My painting is of course a mode of expression, but also a permanent research, a persistent need for aesthetics, balance, purity of color and line. And it is quite naturally in abstract art that I thrive since abstract painting has always spoken to me.

Indeed, my first great artistic discovery was the plastic and rhythmic force of the work of Georges Mathieu, one of the leaders of lyrical abstraction. Thanks to him, I saw the sign as a vector of emotion. I understood that by eliminating any representation of reality, color, which has in itself an evocative force, becomes language. And so, the viewer can invent
their own interpretation of the work.

I first practiced drawing and painting as a dilettante. Then, many years of floral art (as a student and teacher) were an opportunity to pick up pencils and brushes, to work on structures, volumes, lines, textures, colors and to improve in the field of fine arts to feed on essential references.
A time-consuming professional life and various vagaries of life have raised awareness. So I decided to devote myself entirely to painting to fully develop myself.

My influences:
- lyrical abstraction by Georges Mathieu, Hans Hartung, Pierre Soulages, Zao Wou-Ki and Olivier Debré
- the chromatic obsession of Nicolas de Staël
- The constructivism of Moholy-Nagy, Naum Gabo and his brother Anton Pevsner
- The ascetic geometry of Bernar Venet

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