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I was born in Sweden 1985 and live in Gothenburg with my son and husband. I started painting with watercolour and acrylics in 2018 and since then I have not been able to stop painting. I suddenly picked up a brush and the creativity came over me like a flood. I had not been painting since I was a teenager and I was really surprised of my passion for it. My husband who did not even knew I could paint was baffled and now I am on an art journey that I hope will never end.

Through the years I have attended various art courses, among them an Introduction to drawing and colour materials at The University of North Dakota where I was studying Cultural Studies. I have a master in International Museum Studies but realised that I would like to pursue my art and rather than working in a museum - have my art in a museum exhibition one day.

I am very much inspired by nature and landscapes and I also paint a lot of female figure art which has been my focus for some time. I paint a lot of what I call “dreaming women” with lots of hair and colour. I follow my inspiration and hope that it will make people happy and inspire them aswell.