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In today’s modern world, Isaiah McAye is growing as a resolute self taught emerging artist.

Born in Kings Cross, London in 1976, Isaiah studied Fine Arts as part of a curriculum of subjects while in high school in Nigeria back in the mid 80’s. But he never took it as a serious discipline.
Having left Africa to return back to the UK in the mid 90’s, Isaiah later studied Environmental Management at Birkbeck College, University of London.

Upon leaving University in the UK Isaiah went to the USA where he lived and worked in ministry as an associate pastor and music director.

His untold passion for media and the arts grew immensely, and as a film maker and director of photography these took over as his new found passion.

In this rather post modern environment of abstract artist, he has managed to carve for himself a distinct but yet unique look, whereby channelling his core discipline as a film maker and creative director into a sublime but yet core fusion.

Whilst in his pursuit of creating his art pieces, Isaiah has developed his style by embarking on combining new art forms by relying on the use of material embodiments and distinct geometry in his creations.

Extending well over two decades, Isaiah has worked in countless productions from documentaries, informercials, TV commercials, freelancer with the BBC, short films, feature films of which his best feat to date was working on the Behind The Scenes of the London unit of the renown British Spy film, James Bond SKYFALL, and working on client productions. He is also a professional photographer, and small Wonder that he has developed a keen but yet unique approach to his art style.

His love for the abstract has only helped him fuse a really remarkable and present art style of his own form.

Isaiah’s paintings represent an earmarking of a crossover of boundaries depicting traditional paintings and a more charismatic performance of palettes to create his particular art forms. His aesthetics are bound by the immensely profound choices of mediums he relies on, but controlled in a manner that allows him to combining his artistic approach with flair. His art work exemplify new concepts of painting in a fast changing global space and his pieces demonstrate this adequately. He is very fond of the knife painting technique and is never shy to apply this art form with texturing at the given opportunity.

He lives in the country side of Buckinghamshire in the UK with his family.

When he is not working on film projects or in the creative arts, he is busy in his art studio creating his art pieces. He has had two home exhibitions and sold 4 major pieces of his art works. His medium of choice on canvas is mainly acrylics, gels, texturing paste and a wide multitude of art styles whereby making him an abstract expressionist. Isaiah is currently working on a series of paintings titled STREAKS.

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