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As a child, I would always observe my father complete his artworks with admiration and passion. I would observe the way he strokes his brushes on canvases or the myriad of pressures he would apply with his pencil when drawing. I started to draw and paint trying to imitate my father and at the age of 12, I made my first oil painting and sold it. My artworks were later exhibited in malls, carnivals, a company and a university in Oman. At first, the painting was merely a hobby to me, then two years passed and I never noticed when painting and drawing became a necessity in my life. In my initial teenage years, I struggled to try to adapt to a lifestyle that people wanted me and expected me to live in. I began to understand that the world was not the place my little self had admiringly planted in her mind; it was where people influenced one another and created this ‘idea’ of what our lives should look like. So one day, I poured my emotions out on a canvas, a little girl escaping from a golden cage and beginning to fly. That was the real me. It made me feel alive because I made something that was the truth for once. Today, I’m 17 years old and I paint to aspire, inspire, and bring out the truth of what I have experienced and will experience in my life.

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