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Igor Tarahovski is an Israeli multidisciplinary artist, was born in 1957 in Belarus, repatriated to Israel with his family in the early 90s. Igor began to paint at a very young age, and his artistic education was acquired in a wide range of art studies.  He completed his art studies at the Yaroslavl Art College. Tarahovski’s special works describe the landscapes of the country from observation. The style of the paintings is mainly realistic, but his personal interpretation floods an aura of tenderness and gentleness to the landscape. The root of the olive tree seen in many of his paintings. An olive tree is a symbol of a long history and a connection between man and the earth.  Water sources occupy an important place in his works. Tarahovski looks at the waters of the Sea of Galilee and the Great Sea. Along with oil-on-canvas, acrylic, and watercolor works, Tarahovski is also an expert in Stained Glass art, with 25 years of experience in this field.