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Ivana Brázdová is a painter from Czech Republic. She has been painting full time since 2017. She use oil and acrylic colours and in abstraction she combine more mediums together and play with techniques. Her work is diverse but at the same time characterized by rich shades of colors, which are the main dominant in her paintings. The richness of the colours evokes a pleasant atmosphere, mood or emotion in each image she paints.
The unconstrained style and motif depict the different moods of the author's heart, which she tries to transfer onto her works. Some paintings are almost comparable to photographs, as they are painted without noticeable brush strokes, in contrast to images that are more impressionist. Even this inconsistency characterizes her work.
Through acts, Ivana wants to point out the female energy and the sensuality. A sunset, a boat at sea or a colorful landscape affects the interior of the image observer, bringing harmony and connection to the depicted place. In abstractions she wants to show more than only shapes and lines but meaningful idea emerges from abstract painting. She expresses her idea by the title of the image.