NATURE LOVER_2020 mixed media on paper D



Love the lavishness of my work and dive into my world.


My world? What I feel at the moment: the precious moments of presence … To me death is more positive and to be able to describe/paint it more precisely: It is my friend, always close, fair, loyal, peaceful, listens, never disappoints ... and above all is safe! :-) And I want to give such a friend the eternity of my works of art, which will never be forgotten, just like my soul, which now is locked in my body but will always wonder later. Nature is my friend, whom I will always admire, which fascinates me tremendously and is shown in many different ways in my pictures with its sheer beauty.


There are a number of things that appeal to me and I photograph them so that I can present them in my pictures in my own way... I also like to paint for symbols, quotations and similar inspirations that I either find in my dreams, books, magazines, on the Internet (Google, social media ...) or in my art diary-like to find and let myself be inspired when I can develop myself further and be fascinated by this new inspiration and let my work run free.


Depending on the topic I choose small or larger formats, with or without a sketch, on paper or canvas. I am currently using mixed media (acrylic, oil, pencils, pastel, markers). I am very open to new artistic methods. The beginning decides (the free-flowing of the colours, which I always prepare with care), like chance or fate in life. Let me continue with my instinct. I like to listen to different music (numerous artist-singers, which I also mention in my works).


I may call myself a chaotic person or a madwoman, but I just can't be different, bored, stereotypical, without laughter.


As a topic, I mostly choose what I JUST have in front of my eyes (on the floor, in the sky, in the water, an idea in my imagination, from a dream, sometimes a life story of others ...): self-portrait, other people, animals, plants, fantasy creatures, etc.


I find the comments and questions of other people very exciting, which I'm also happy about. They see their world, their ideas, their expression in my pictures, which also interests me very much... My favorite sentence of the viewer: “There is always something new to discover in your pictures!”

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