NATURE LOVER_2020 mixed media on paper D



surreal and symbolistic

... and especially creating with love, laugh and passion

born 1982 in the Czech Republic, have lived in Switzerland since 2007.

I might call myself a chaotic person or a madwoman, but I just can‘t be bored, stereotypical, without laughter.

My desire is to “make my dreams come true and I want to inspire with my paintings people around me ... „

My painting process is complex and immersive, and my work allows me an escape from reality and the chance to inhabit my dreams. Working mindfully, I aim to depict what I feel at the time of painting. My work is inspired by death: “I explain death positively, to describe it more precisely. It is my friend, always close,

fair, loyal, peaceful, listens, it does not disappoint .. and most of all is sure.”

I am a great admirer of nature, and I am fascinated by the many types of beauty in the natural world. Nature deserves our help even before she starts asking for it herself. I am of the opinion that the solution is hidden in each of us, it is not enough just to want, but to act.

My art diary is an archive of materials, symbols, quotes and moments of inspiration I encounter in daily life. I also add travel experiences.

I adapt my painting technique depending on the characteristics of the subject. I enjoy experimenting with size, substrate and materials. Currently, I am using mixed techniques and collage, specifically acrylic, alcohol ink, oil, pastels, markers, mica pigment, flakes and glitter. Before starting work, I carefully prepare my colour palette, before letting my instincts guide me through the composition.

I relish seeing an audience enjoy my paintings, and I aim to reflect their world, ideas and expressions.
My favourite comments are from people who spend time with the work, and I love hearing the exclamation: 
“There is always something new to discover in your pictures!”

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