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I am a self-taught painter, living and working in Sheffield. I am a member of the Heeley art club, one of the oldest in the country and have exhibited at art shows in Sheffield. After graduating from Cambridge with a degree in history, I pursued a career in industry and advertising but throughout my life, I have had a fascination for art and learned as much as possible from the great artists of the past.

Consequently, my style is very versatile and eclectic, defined only by a drive to keep exploring new avenues and new approaches to my artistic endeavor.

Over the years, my main influences have been mid-20th British neo-romantic art; German expressionism and late 20th-century abstract works.

I believe art is a doorway to consciousness.

It is not only about what we see, but why and how we see it and these artistic movements best express this emotion.

I have a love of color, shape, symbol, and atmosphere whether painting landscapes, abstract works or drawings.

Imbued with a deep sense of history, I try to capture a sub-conscious view of the world which we all recognize – a world which doesn’t exist, yet is always with us

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