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J: Why Am I an Artist?
I breathe through my paintings, when I don’t paint, I am not alive.
Being in the present moment is the secret power of my work. I lose myself in the moment I paint and everything around me disappears. I don’t plan. Everything is spontaneous. I put the white canvas in front of me, look at the colours of paint, and listen to them. I pick the ones that I hear the loudest. Once I have the canvas, the paints, and the brushes ready the journey into the unknown begins and I am gone. A couple of hours later I am back with a new creation of my breath. This is why I am an artist- to breathe, to be alive, and to share my energy with others

Born and raised in Poland, Jadwiga Hajdo has started her art journey more than 40 years ago. Being a teacher and working with children in an orphanage sparked her interest in painting, what over time developed into a deep passion. She is a self-learner, not limited by any existing frameworks. She always follows her intuition and surrenders to her own feeling of observed nature, she later coveys in her artworks.

The last years of Jadwiga’s creation were focused on abstract expressionism, as this way she expresses her fascination in nature best. Her works are a result of feeling, sensing and noticing what is happening around her. Flower petals, dew, small birds singing in the morning, sunrise and sunset, leaves and grass, forests, fields, sea, mountains, EARTH. The magic of nature and perfection of its shapes, colours and curves continuously astonishes her and motivates to express this beauty on canvas. Jadwiga Hajdo loves creating things that are new, unpredictable and difficult to reproduce.