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I grew up in North London, eldest of four children. As long as I can remember as a child I've been creative often spending hours drawing, as the eldest of four with one year gap between us all I often had to amuse myself while my mum tended to one of my brothers or sister. My dad went to prison when I was 10. Art and sciences were the only subjects I had any interest in at school. For my work experience at 15 I worked at a primary school. During the 2 weeks I was there the teachers discovered I could draw and used me to make life size drawings of various things for the walls of the classroom. When it came to deciding on A levels my dad persuaded me not to take art much to the dismay of my art teacher (who tried to talk me into changing my mind ) but to concentrate on sciences as he had hopes for me to become a doctor. I listened to my dad only to drop out of college 6 months into my course as I was desperate to start working, he was still in prison at this time and we had no money at home. The painting I did for my GCSE exam was the last thing I painted until now.  I was pregnant by 19, when I started my maternity leave 1 month before my son was due I decided I would start drawing again, that day I went and bought all the bits I needed, unfortunately nothing was used as my son was born that night! From then I didn't have time for art as I was a single parent working full time. I worked for a dental proactive as a nurse and then practice manager for 18 years. I then set up my own aesthetic clinic 6 years ago which is very busy, I often seeing clients back to back! Again not much time for anything artistic, however lockdown and encouragement from my husband (who when he met me said he could feel I was creative even though he hadn't seen anything id done) had given me the motivation and the opportunity to start drawing again and I'm now determined to make time for it. My son is now 22.

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