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From a young ages, I first worked as a painter in the field of Realism style with charcoal,
pastel and oil painting techniques. 
‏I also graduated from university with a degree in civil engineering, but the end point of
my course for me was to start pursuing my heart's dream.  Throughout my years of Real
style art, I still felt a deep void in my heart. And it became a way to express my feelings
and  my inner self. So I crossed my borders and followed my soul dream, and abstract
style finally filled my whole heart.
I tried to portray the story of my mind and inside without having a specific format and
without borders and limitations.
My only source of inspiration is my deep connection to the world within me. Each of
these works expresses to me a part of my feelings, thoughts and existence. And my
goal is to encourage my viewers to think and reflect and understand my stories and all
that I and my colors have left in these works.
I am a trace of unlimited thoughts in a frame.

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