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Janet Bell is known for her expressive abstract canvases. It is her love of colour, texture, and contrast that inspires her. She works freely and intuitively, initially using a limited palette, adding and scraping back the acrylic paint to create contrasts.

Born in Kent she now lives by the sea in Eastbourne, East Sussex in the UK. Originally she worked as a freelance textile designer after completing her course in 1980 at Croydon College of Art and Design and becoming a member of the SIAD.

Janet has always enjoyed experimenting with different materials and paints but her change of direction began in 1990 when she decided to paint using acrylics on stretched canvases. She loves the vibrancy of the paints and their versatility.

Artists Statement 

It is my love of colour, texture, and contrast that inspires me and my work is ever-evolving.


 My expressive abstract canvases reflect my love of colour. I work freely and intuitively, being drawn to work with certain colours initially and as a painting progresses the palette expands. I apply the paint using brushes, palette knives, my fingers, and non-traditional implements to create the effects I desire. My love of pattern and texture also feature in my work with layers of acrylic paint being added and sometimes scraped back to reveal contrasts in shape and form. Although motifs from nature sometimes appear in my work it is the energy that colours can convey which interests me.

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