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Self-taught, award winning artist Jasmine Masako Elliott strives to capture the vibrant life and emotional complexity of both the subjects she portrays and the viewer.  She wields bold colors and represents her subjects as conscious beautiful beings, while also honoring the connection humans create and project onto the natural world.  Jasmine is starting to explore themes related to identity as her six-year-old daughter’s struggle with alopecia inspired Jasmine to question social norms regarding hair and its association with “Beauty”. Jasmine earned her formal degree in Finance but attributes her success at “self-teaching” to the discerning qualities utilized in number analysis and manipulation as well as her lifelong practice of the martial arts.  Self-expression has always been an integral part of Jasmine’s make-up, and she continues to evolve.  Although acrylic is her favorite medium, Jasmine also paints in watercolor, oil, and pastels; creates lino or woodblock prints; sculpts figurines in polymer clay; and experiments with different mold making and casting techniques.  Ms. Elliott paints wildlife, landscapes and figures with intuitive—and oftentimes bold—color choices.  Her paintings range in size from playing card size to large wall canvases.  


Firehouse Art Center’s Artists In Their Residence May-June, 2020

Named PMP-Art’s “Animal Artist of the Year” for 2019

Light Space Time’s All Women Exhibition 2020

“Giraffe Kiss” received a Special Recognition Award

Light Space Time’s 555 Special Art Exhibition - Summer 2019

"Silence is Purple” (Owl) received a Special Merit Award and “Little Rooster” (Miniature Painting) received a Special Recognition Award.

Light Space Time’s 9th Annual Animal Arts Exhibition: May 2019

“Welcoming Cowmmitte” received 6th Place honors and “Elephant Emerges” received a Special Merit Award. “Persephone” (Sea Turtle) received a Special Recognition Award.

Fusion Art’s 4th Animal Animal Kingdom Art Exhibition: March 2019 (International)

“Wodan” (Sea Turtle) received 2nd place honors in the show.

Fusion Art’s 2nd Annual Women Artists Art Exhibition: January 15 -April 14, 2019 (International)

“Welcoming Cowmmittee” received 3rd place honors in the show, and “Persephone” (Sea Turtle) is also a juried work.

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