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Jason Chambers was born in Augusta, Georgia in 1979. From a very early age Jason showed interest and promise in art. He has explored various forms of art from illustration to portraiture, but his true passion has always been abstraction.

In early 2019 Jason transitioned fully into abstract art. His unique blend of shapes and lines create a realistic world of chaos as well as a sophisticated visual language. His art is a way for him to sort through the craziness in this world. Jason’s individual style is influenced by cubism, surrealism, and expressionism.

Jason Currently lives in Aiken, South Carolina, with his wife, two children and three rambunctious dogs.

Artist Statement

I create art not just as a need to express myself, but also as a way for me to deal with life. The great Picasso said, “The world doesn’t make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?” I feel this deeply and believe it comes through in my art. Each piece I create is a way for me to sort through the chaos of life and try to make sense of it by making connections on a subconscious level.


My art is best categorized as abstract expressionism. Each piece of art that I create appears as random images, shapes, and marks that may not make sense at first. Anyone who reflects on my art makes their own connections just as I do when I create it. This allows each viewer to see something entirely different, making each piece entirely unique to the individual.


I begin each new piece of art with no preplanned design or sketch. I let it flow and unfold organically as I try to connect shapes or patterns that interest me. As I make these connections, I begin to get a feel for what the piece is about. I primarily work with pen and ink on paper, using monochrome schemes or a limited color palette. Using only black and white or limited colors allows the viewer to focus more on the shapes and imagery, offering a simplicity to each piece. I want my art to evoke questions. If a person stops to contemplate a piece of art that I have created, then I have succeeded in my work.


Jason L. Chambers

Exhibition History


December 2019 - 4P Studios Holiday Art Show


March 2020 - Present - Jacl’s Cafe and Lounge

July 2020 - August 2020 - 4P Studios Solo Exhibition: “Calming the Chaos”
August 2020 - September 2020 - North Augusta Artist Guild Show and Sale

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