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Born in Montevideo Uruguay (1978)

Self-taught, from an early age he is attracted to shapes, colors and how they are represented in a unique perception through the eyes.
Searching in the unconscious for a fascinating invisible dialogue where time vanishes and the author and the work merge into the same thing. He investigates and is curious about the materials through various techniques, taking as a starting point a stroke, a brushstroke that leaves the imprint of each decision between the creator and creation in an approach to the unknown. In (2013) the first contact with abstract art occurs, finding a language in the way of expressing itself through movement, trying to convey a balance between crisis and aesthetics, the conscious and the unconscious.

(2017) Opens the doors of his workshop in Montevideo where he paints and works as a teacher, forming a way of life in art and painting with a continuous exhibition and sale of his works.

His works have participated in several individual and group exhibitions, forming part of private collections in Uruguay, Argentina and London.

2018 Abstract Art Exhibition (Group Show) Rostand 1571 Montevideo Uruguay with Mónica Parker and Alejandra Stier from Argentina
2019 Art Exhibition (Group Show) Bodegas Giménez Méndez Canelones Uruguay with Diana Saravia, Ignacio Zuloaga, More, Ariano, Nora Priego, Raúl Freire
2019 Rostand 1571 Workshop Exhibition Montevideo Montevideo Uruguay
2020 Abstract Art Exhibition La Barra Punta del Este route 10 Paseo de la Barra Maldonado Uruguay
2020 Selected to participate in the ARTWEEK Santiago de Chile Mapocho Station art fair (suspended by the pandemic)

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