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I've been painting seriously for about two years now.

I started off doing portraits of famous people. People that inspired me, musicians, classic movie characters, and animals.

I still enjoy painting all these things but I recently ventured into nude and erotic art.

It's been very overwhelming and inspirational.

Inspirational when someone lets you into their world in that way, for the sake of my art.


I need to feel grabbed by an image, an emotion, or a person. 

If I see someone that sparks that passion, I know "I have to paint" them. 

I always loved portraiture and the challenge of capturing something real about the subject, something more than just their face but since nude and erotic art, I've discovered there's so much more.

The body is such a powerful entity and it holds us, prisoner, in many ways.

When someone strips that away and lets you in, there's nowhere to hide

Most of the people I paint are very shy, have extreme body confidence issues, or feel ugly naked.

It's wonderful to help them remove these feelings and be free of that. To show them that we can all be beautiful, it just has to come from within.


Whatever I am painting, I like the face to tell the story. To show the emotion and invite the onlooker in to share that feeling.

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