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When I draw, I feel free and I can do combat with the voice that says I am not enough. I frequently make mistakes, yet I continue to pursue the loud laugh of color on my page that says I am enough! To stop in frustration over an imperfect line or shape would squash me. As a practiced people pleaser, I naturally want to hide from correction by making every line and shape flawlessly. However, I find no joy in that manner of thinking.

I am only able to create when I embrace the imperfection! I am motivated by the closeness of family and friends. Struggles in my life have brought me into a good community of people who regularly show up for each other.

My artist story began in childhood, summers spent at art exploration camp. Seeing how I was drawn to contemporary art, my husband encouraged me to create my own. I love abstract art because everyone sees something different. It brings me joy when people find something they identify with inside my art.

Using mixed media and a burnishing tool I have fun creating drawings and paintings with bright, bouncy colors and shiny, smooth textures. I design my pieces using the shapes of one or two simple objects, preferably something within the reach of my fingers when I sit down to draw. Each work is named according to the object chosen. This process adds a little whimsy for the viewer as they try to guess why each piece has such a seemingly silly title.

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