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My work is nothing more than trying to figure out the Maths of what makes one interested in a painting. I hate giving paintings names as I feel it can pull your attention away from what it wants to be. I do not try to encode some deeper meaning into it but try and make it pleasing to the eye (or so I think so). I am interested in the Golden Section and have been fascinated by the art of what makes your eye flow around a page, (Magazine Graphics, Adverts) I’m fascinated with Kline and Mondrian and the Architects that found the maths/visual communication/aesthetics/what works in their work.

 I Studied a BTech National Diploma in Art and Graphics but had to resit my first year as I did not pass. After 3 years I came away with part of the qualification and no future in the industry. I had an unconditional offer to go to Bournemouth University to study Graphics, but I turned it down as I knew I could not afford to go.  As all the other students knew what they wanted to do, I did not and struggled throughout my young life until after 4 years of Art school I dropped out.


I become a Carpenter/Boatbuilder instead and I have built some of the world's most luxurious yachts. It was not until 13 years later my wife found some of my old work and told me I should get back into it. I picked up a brush and started again. I feel a passion now that I never had even all those years ago. It took over a decade of life to find myself and my style. I see my work as just practicing and if others like it that is a bonus too.

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