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Born in 1974, Jean-Francois Morro is a French, tireless, multifaceted artist, passionate about art under different forms: painting but also calligraphy, tattooing, and music. As a singer and songwriter, he has produced three LP records and performed all over France for more than 10 years.

Jean-François Morro started painting in 1995 and had the opportunity to exhibit his work very early on. He began with a style mixing impressionism and expressionism, but he soon added a street art touch to his work.

Presently he expresses his art as a tattooist in Brittany where he rapidly made himself known with his own personal style which he exhibits at international shows. However, painting is what binds his boundless creativity.

Today he is working on his third series of paintings.


« Human expressions are at the centre of my pictorial message. One look will remind me of the weight of the history of a community, a pinch of the nose will make me relive carefree childhood. I’ll paint this. Trying to sublimate these little pieces of visual expressions which alone tell me so many things about a person, then blur things around so that you only perceive that expression. If you perceive anything else in my paintings, this will be for me a gift and is also the reason I almost never give a title to my creations»



2013 and 2020 :  Cultural Center La Salorge, La Guerche de bretagne, France

2020: International Art Show Art3F, Nantes, France

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