Dramatic skies over Cape Town early morn



I have drawn and painted pictures on and off ever since school when I won a young artist’s award. Since then I've spent a couple of shortish periods when I have tried to make a career out of painting before reality has stepped in and a paying career and family have got in the way. I learned oil painting, along with print-making, at evening classes at St Martin's and studied History of Art at the Courtauld, specializing in fifteenth-century Italian painting and painting techniques.

So, I know plenty about how to paint but I always struggled with what to paint until recently. Since summer 2019 I have been able to spend time most days painting and that has enabled me to focus and finally find my niche. I am now producing landscapes, seascapes, and nature paintings on a regular basis and loving every minute of it.

I paint mostly from photographs that I have taken myself. I work exclusively in oils, sometimes wet in wet, sometimes wet on tacky (this works really well to get the sky creeping through the edges of clouds) and other times wet on dry. I mostly use round or pointed sable watercolour brushes but sometimes I resort to other methods of applying paint including, traditional oil brushes, cotton buds, and fingers. I also tend to work on two or three canvasses at the same time to allow layers to dry or become tacky before the next stage of the painting. I’d probably have more than three on the go but my little studio in the back garden just isn’t big enough!

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