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Jennie was born on November 6th, 1972, in Malmoe, Sweden, where she spent most of her life.

The reason why she has worked for so many years in the retail industry is precisely because she loves contact with people! With an interest in human emotions, sensuality, and expressions, it paved the way into studying psychiatric care and psychology for 3 years. 


When working as a store manager in a bed shop during 2016, the head office went bankrupt and she was suddenly unemployed. Between job applications, she felt an extremely strong urge to start painting. She couldn't resist it ...

Through painting she found her true passion and her skills grew rapidly.

Drawing inspiration in the expressions and emotions she sees in others, as well as personal experiences, makes sure that every painting gets its unique touch to it. 


She had a pause between 2017 until early 2020 but today she cannot live without it, and she also came up with the saying ”to paint is to breathe”!

Her dream is to become a full-time artist and just devote herself to what she loves the most.


The first medium she worked with, was acrylic and did most work on canvas, where glitter effects were very common among the first finished artwork which made them more effective and expressive. Among mediums, she these days prefer to paint with oil!

Her fantasy, creativity and artistic vein makes her want to try new elements and has therefore made some paintings on untreated wood, which are very special!

The latest items, "wallpaper art", where she uses wallpaper on canvas is truly impressive and has become somewhat of a nische.

She started commissions in 2017 and has been set up for many since then! Precision is key when it comes to her paintings, so taking on a request of a portrait will always result in a highly detailed piece of art, making both her and the client satisfied.’’

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