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Artist Statement

“An artist who sees her creative journey as a depiction of symbolic art in any form of display”

Jenny Han, originally from South Korea, engaged in a Fine Art studio for three years in South Korea. She studied fashion (Technology Women’s Wear) at the London College of Fashion afterwards and now living in Belgium. Her passion for contemporary illustration art started at a very early age.


One thing, she is so grateful and appreciative recently for gaining some connections with her fan base responses on Instagram account @jennyjiyounghan. It was amazing to gain an opportunity to get featured her artworks via @yngspc and @contemporaryartsclub recently. She has driven so hard to create genuine engagements as a contemporary artist so far.

It is incredible to be able to feel freedom to have an infinite-connect ability though an online gallery


Artist Bio

Her mind seems to appear in the symbolism of visual connections. She always sees the linkages between the abstract shapes of thinking and reality. Life itself can capture as the depiction of narrative stories, including subjective meanings which face difficulties communicating with the form of the abstract figures. But, her abstract artworks are a type of expressionism of a life philosophy making public excitement which has lots of potentials to grow.


Currently, she is working on a new experiment with her artworks by using digital tools. It has built on creating flat images with the original pattern prints, digitally edited. Her pleasure represents through the package of her life essays, revealed to a form of visual art transforming by manipulating digital devices. She can handle either way of both digitally created version and handed painting version to supply as a form of art medium in communication. Both versions can convert one method from the other by her skilful ability. However, she has chosen the communication way by digital creations. She loves to challenge the structure of techno-scepticism in the abstract art platform because her life was full of challenges for getting to know the unknown she never expected to fit in.



.One of the 4th batch of honourable listed online featured artists on @thecontemporaryartsclub, Aug 3rd on 2020 (Artwork Title: The Key of Heaven / Media: Digital Art)

.A featured Artist on @yngspc via @yngspccommunity, (Artwork Title: ” Release My Inner Self “/Media: Digital Art)

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