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Jerome was born in 1979 in Hamburg, Germany, and has lived for several years in Brazil, South Africa, and France.

He is famous for his collages. To him - they are the only authentic and true art in the 21st century.

Collaging means to him to digest reality, to separate things, or bring them back together. He uses collage techniques to reduce complexity, to unite contradictions. He recycles materials, as “there is already enough garbage in the world”.

He mostly uses printed photos or pages from fashion magazines, newspapers, and then adds thoughts, aphorisms, or quotes. “I want to find a new angle. I am interested in topics as beauty, aging, as well as politics, and life,” he says.

Jerome gets inspired by Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, James Rosenquist, and other Pop-Art artists, as he shares their philosophy of making art available for everybody, reproducing beautiful people we can admire and finding a new perspective. His intention is to bring more orientation to the world, more beauty, moments to stand still, breath, and enjoy.

Further, he is fascinated by big panorama collages, he would love to create a whole facade of a skyscraper.

Jerome’s art is part of the #PRESSART Collection of Peter Nobel, Switzerland, one of the biggest Swiss art collections.

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