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I have been creating art since I can remember...In my earlier years (age 2-13), most of my work consisted mainly of drawings. As time passed (age 14-28), my fascination with art expanded and I became proficient in photography, digital editing/media, design, painting, sculpture, music production, writing, jewelry making, and mixed media. I am an undergraduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston MA and have taken 3 years of traditional/graphic/studio arts courses at Mount
Wachusett Community College. Currently, I am 31 years old living in Massachusetts. I am a freelance artist with a privately owned studio where I take commissions and create authentic works of art.

Much of my most recent artwork is centered within the realm of abstract. I feel abstraction allows me the highest amount of freedom to express raw emotion imaginatively. In many ways, my work reflects my interests in various artforms and philosophies, combining them into a hybrid that is
forever transmuting itself. Often, I will use found objects and incorporate them into my mixed media paintings. I also tend towards frequent experimentation with color, texture, depth, and multiple mediums. My art is moved, driven, and inspired by ideologies surrounding evolution, nature, emotion, balance, and the underlying dualities that exist both apparently, and subtly in our inner and outer world.

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