"When I step into my studio, I step into possibility.  I feel freedom and excitement to explore my materials, thoughts, ideas, and emotions and connect with what is most true for me.  I want the viewer to share my creative journey — often a quest to make peace with the chaos and complexity of being human — and feel a sense of resolution, even if the resolution is momentary.”  


Jill Hellman is a mixed-media artist, psychotherapist, dancer, mother, and breast cancer survivor based in the NYC metropolitan area.  She is also a seeker — of knowledge, understanding, courage, meaning, connection, balance, and joy; and from this, her paintings emerge.


Each painting is a journey in itself: unique, complex, and deeply layered, yet also whimsical and playful, celebrating the strength and resilience of the human spirit.  Jill’s work is about possibility and hope in a world of difficulty and challenge. 


A painting evolves through many phases of exploration and discovery, with multiple layers of paint and collage, mark-making, and eroding the surface with a variety of tools.  Jill uses acrylic and house paint, oil sticks, gesso, graphite, and charcoal, along with newspapers, old documents, and other raw materials that engage her.


Jill’s work has been shown and collected throughout the United States and internationally.

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