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My Mum, who was also my art teacher and is an incredible artist, told me, when I was a teenager, that in my 30s I would start painting again and become obsessed with it. My 30s came and went, and unfortunately this didn’t happen….it turned out she predicted the wrong decade that’s all.

A few serendipitous things happened in the last few years that finally saw her prediction come true:

After 20 years of sketching my surroundings, once or twice a month (and feeling utterly demoralized by it), a boring train journey, following an inspiring holiday in the Lake District set me on a different path. Armed only with a sketch book and the close confines of a packed train, I finally had to take the plunge and draw from within. This instantly changed my practice-it stopped feeling like ‘work’ and became an intuitive creative side that I hadn’t previously tapped into.

A short art course learning about hard-edged painting engaged the architect’s side of my brain, looking for patterns and structure from both nature and the built environment.


Finally, Lockdown was the final piece of serendipity that allowed me to focus on art in a way that I had never previously managed to.  It provided the time, space, and freedom to spend focussing on these areas that so intrigue me: nature, structure, the interior mind, and patterns within.  I hope you enjoy looking at my art as much as I enjoy doing it!

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