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Joanna is a self taught painter alongside her primary career as a circus and theatre director and performer. She runs critically acclaimed contemporary circus company The Feathers of Daedalus Circus. Joanna studied Art History at Cambridge University, receiving a 1st class Hons degree. She has always had a passion for Art and has worked in various art galleries and establishments. She has completed internships at Bold Tendencies, Pierogi in NYC and Christies. Joanna’s experience in the art world and studies have very much influenced her own artistic practice.


Joanna has developed a distinctive nostalgic aesthetic for her works which explore a variety of themes. Joanna cemented this style when completing her painting residency at Studio Kura in Japan in 2016. She exhibited her works ‘Between these threads of time’ to great success in Itoshima. One year later, Joanna exhibited her new collection ‘Woven Roots of Dreams’ at Art Chamber Goa in India and then Kashi Art Gallery in Kerela. Art Historian Lina Vincent said of Joanna’s work at this exhibition ‘The enchanted, dreamlike spaces beckon the viewer, leading him/her into unknown spaces that appear as the meeting point of various thoughts and emotions. The works resonate with the sense of the other, a distant place, echoing with the richness of the undefined’. In 2018, Joanna curated and exhibited at Rosemary Dream’s exhibition ‘The Pace of Nature’ which was the first art festival in Bara da Lagoa in Florianopolis Brazil. Joanna has been primarily working as a theatre director and producer since, running her company ‘The Feathers of Daedalus Circus’ but has also been building up her collection on the side and taking commissions.  

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