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Johan Rodier, 31, likely shy, reserved and discreet. I automotive technician and painter in my spare time. I started painting there is a little over a year.

Father and mother draw, paint, sculpt.
It's beautiful and I participated a few times with dad but I'm too young to understand the subtlety of art.
Many years later, overnight it stings like a bee slipping into my neck.
I take a canvas, acrylic and here I am in my imagination! Self-taught, the abstract attracts me and I draw the abstract ...

I go once in space, another time in a flower garden or in the seabed wherever I find a thought.
Each time I ask myself and take place in an environment where a man takes more time to observe his surroundings.
An analysis of what I see, what touches me and boundless inspiration led me to meditate, to travel on land and in the universe.
Perfectionist to the ends of the fingers, I accompany you in my world, my world colorful.
my style is colorful, thoughtful but also very instinctive

I work exclusively with acrylic (paint, ink, markers, etc.) on canvas.
My techniques are many and varied depending on my goals, my job is generally very colorful
I am always looking for novelty, perfection, originality

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