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Johanna Excell is a Finnish self-taught artist based in Bavaria, Germany. She works mostly with acrylics - creating vibrant, abstract backgrounds in combination with realistic subjects. Johanna has a Master’s degree in genetics, but is currently focusing on her artwork. She has had several artistic phases throughout her life, but only in 2018 did she begin painting in earnest. A year later she registered her own small business and started selling her artwork.

Her love for animals in particular is evident in her work. Without any formal training in art, she learns by doing and paints mostly by intuition. A new piece often begins with colors and brushstrokes, and eventually evolves into a habitat for a specific species. The end result is then a contrasting but harmonious mixture of bright, lively textures and smooth, representational elements - a painting that will take you on a journey to new, exotic surroundings, and hopefully help raise awareness for endangered and vulnerable species.

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