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Johanna Excell is a Finnish self-taught artist living in Bavaria, Germany. She grew up in Hong Kong and Malaysia, and the childhood experiences have left her with permanent wanderlust. Johanna has a master’s degree in genetics, but in the last years has been focusing on her children and her artwork. She has had several artistic phases throughout her life, but in 2018 she started painting in earnest and really discovered the world of acrylics.


She has always been crazy about critters, and these have become her biggest inspiration. She loves mixing colorful, abstract backgrounds with photorealistic animals. The more exotic the animals, the better – puffins and toucans being the all-time favorites. Johanna is an intuitive painter – usually, she will have no idea what she’s going to paint when she begins. “I start with colors and brushstrokes, and eventually the background will develop into a habitat for a specific species”. She labels herself as a sporadically social introvert and is happiest when spending time with her family, surrounded by nature, or painting.  

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