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I am a self-taught artist. My work has always leaned towards abstract, with key focus on my intuition, my innermost being and life experience, nature’s colors and forms.


I sometimes paint with mixed media but mostly with acrylics, gesso and water-soluble pens/watercolors on canvas, paper and cardboard.


I have an extensive (20+ years) international business management career in various medical technology companies. When my health started to deteriorate in 2014 and I had to undergo various operations, I left the busy business life and started to help my husband with his business after he was diagnosed with a heart disease.


Living with one blow after another, painting slowly turned into my main remedy. I wasn’t able to play piano for a while nor my Fender (electric guitar), what I had done since childhood but I was able to revive my childhood interest of painting. I have not been able to work for some years now so you could almost say that painting has turned into my new job. The setbacks in my life turned into the fuel for my art. I just try to be careful of not taking art too seriously, I don’t want to slide into a hectic life again – I’d rather enjoy this more mindful, intuitive, relaxed way of living.


I’ve always tried to stay open and receptive to my intuition and to subconscious - and how the colors and forms speak to me, it’s wonderful to see how a painting can evolve to a completely different one when you give it enough time – and more often than not, it’s the latter that feels just right. With intuitive aspect involved, my paintings have many visual layers and many stories embedded. When people see something personal in my works, I am happy. Being able to provide with that for others gives my a feeling of success.