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My name is John Bellan (born Gianluca Bellan), I was born and raised in Italy in the Trentino Alto Adige region,  a region of the famous Dolomites mountains. (World Heritage Site)
I grew up during the 70s and the music of that period accompanies me in the composition of my works, like the wonderful nature that surrounds me and the world of animals that I happen to meet and observe like bears, wolves and deer or foxes.
I define myself 'a border artist', I enter and leave abstract forms to return to almost figurative forms.

In painting as in music to excite I can use to play a song, an electric guitar with extreme sounds, or I can decide to use a cello and who knows, maybe touch other strings of emotions. My pictorial gesture is often comparable to a trip, I start with an idea, a theme, a memory, a photo, a song, a poem and then continuing in the work I decide which way to take, whether to turn right or left or go straight.

Historical Archives of Italian Art 2020 site: Academic Center Maison d'Art of Padua - Doctor Carla D'Aquino and next personal exhibition scheduled for March 2020.
Artwork with critical text on the page THE ART BETWEEN HISTORY AND AVANT-GARDE - Title of the work: PEOPLE IN THE DOLOMITES FORESTS
Honoris Causa Diploma of Master of Art -Released from the maison D'art academic center of Padua-Dr. Carla D'Acquino
Collective during the 57th Venice Biennale in October 2019 "THE GREAT EXHIBITIONS OF PALAZZO ZENOBIO" presented and curated by Prof. Historico and Art Critic Giorgio Gregorio Grasso (work "Wolves and Deer" - "Lupi e Cervi" - 2019)
On display in October 2019 in the Accorsi Art Gallery in Venice (Galleria also Turin) -Curator Dr. Daniela Accorsi Castello-Calle dei Forni 2265 Venice 30123 (works "The room with the piano" and "Trees fallen in the night")
On display in November 2019 at the Galleria Italia for the Parmigianino competition D. A Luigi Bianchi - Borgo delo Parmigianino, 29-Parma (work "Felice, Triste e Amore con Volpe nel bosco" 2019)

On display Cairo Prize 20th Edition 2019-Milan presented work "Happy, Sad and Love with Crow" 2019)

On display on December 6, 2019 on Canale Italia Arte exhibition with sale in the company of

Dr. Antonio Castellana Art Critic - (works "Cherubs in Eden-The cherubs of Eden (Bible) Genesis 3:24 - 2019 - "Black Hair" 2019- "Down in the valley- Down in the valley" -2019


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